Deer in a Day

24th September 2022 and 23rd October 2022

  • Understanding the native breeds of deer in the UK
  • How to skin and joint a venison carcass and primal cuts
  • The process of hanging and its importance
  • The similarities between venison joints and cuts to those of other animals
  • Simple butchery techniques and knife skills
  • How to seam butcher the venison haunch and saddle
  • How to prepare venison shoulders and neck
  • Curing and smoking meat – the basics
  • How to produce awesome venison burgers

Each student will be able to take home a range of products they have produced throughout the day.

A two course lunch is included 

£175pp (maximum 4 people)

Please contact us for details and booking
Tel. 01200 411095
Mobile 07714 092 089.

Dale house makes a conscious effort to reduce waste and packaging. Students are welcome to bring their own containers to transport their venison products home.